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Lynette_ice_dye_8837Ice dyed pieces must be washed in hot water multiple times as part of the dyeing and finishing process. This process can often shrink fibers, resulting in the actual garment sizes being smaller than the original manufacturer label indicates.

We take measurements of every dyed garment and list them in the descriptions to help you determine proper fit based on measurements of similar clothing in your closet.


We highly recommend measuring a garment you have in your wardrobe that is a similar style and comparing the measurements to the piece you would like to purchase. For instance, if the dyed top you are admiring is a peasant style, measure something from your closet that is a little loose and flowy rather than a fitted tee for comparison.
Chest circumference can be determined by measuring an existing top from underarm to underarm (where the bottom of the sleeve meets the bodice at the side seams) across the front and multiplying that number by 2.

For instance, if the front measures 24.5 inches across from underarm to underarm, the chest circumference is 49 inches.
Waist measurements can be taken by laying the piece flat, measuring across the waistband (or smallest width of the piece at the waist area) and multiplying by 2.
Hip measurements can be taken by laying the piece flat, measuring across from side to side directly above where the legs split and multiplying by 2. Please note the side seams will most likely lie to the front and not line up at the sides, which is normal. Our backsides are typically rounder than our fronts, so the back of a pair of pants or shorts needs to be wider than the front to accommodate the curves.

Please contact us with any questions or if you need help with measurements. We are always happy to assist!

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