Who I Am

Hi!  I’m Lynette Elliott,
and I’m happy to virtually meet you. 

I’m an artist, designer, actor, writer, teacher, and rescue dog mom.  I’m on a mission to make beautiful things and help people learn to express their own creativity.

I made my first craft project, paper dolls, at the age of four, frustrated enough with the plastic safety scissors that my mom let me use pointy grown-up scissors. 

Mom made many of my clothes, and she taught me to sew when I was 7 by having me hem cloths and napkins for our dining room table. 

I started making doll clothes around the age of 9 and was sewing fly front trousers by the time I hit eighth grade.  My teenage creations included oh-so-fabulous 1980’s formal dresses for all the school dances – dropped waists, shiny fabrics and epic shoulder pads complemented my big 80’s hair.  I went on to make costumes for my college theatre program and teach sewing classes for a locally owned fabric store, including shirt making, handbags, surface embellishment and stuffed animals.  After college, I taught sewing classes for kids and teens at multiple Joann stores.

Whether You Want To Support My Art With A Purchase,


 Or You Want To Learn Along With Me, I’m Truly Glad You’re Here.  Creativity Needs Company.  Let’s Keep Making!

Besides sewing, my arts and crafts roster has included cross stitch, needlepoint, Scherenschnitte (very fancy paper cutting), embroidery, crochet, origami, weaving, papier-mache, painting, screen printing, batik, tatting and a bit of macrame. 

I learned to knit after my clever little sister lured me into a yarn store with all those tempting colors and textures.  

I abandoned my first scarf project halfway through (boring!) and moved on to more fun and challenging items and techniques.  One of my favorites is still the string bikini I knitted on my honeymoon.  I particularly love cables, twisted stitches, and other highly textured fabrics.  I’ve taught classes in the Dallas Ft. Worth area on beginner knitting (teens and adults), brioche, plaits, picking up stitches, cables, illusion knitting, tuck stitching, yarn substitution and private lessons.  Yes, I offer one-on-one sessions for all skill levels!

Unsurprisingly for someone tempted by the colors and textures of yarn, fabric and dye, I also enjoy beading and jewelry making and have taught classes for both over the years.  The sparklies satisfy my inner magpie.

My love for ice dye began when I discovered it looks like impressionist painting.  Upcycled and worn second-hand clothing have long been staples of my wardrobe, and when some of my initial dyes loosely resembled Van Gogh works, I was immediately enamored and realized ice dye would be a wonderful way to give recycled clothing a second life as art.  Ice dye brings my favorite things about design, color, fabric and abstract art into a wearable form.  It’s equal parts utility and aesthetics.  What could be better for your wardrobe?

I am an eternal student, and when I learn something, I want to teach it. 

I taught my baby sister to read (from The Little Golden Book of Baby Animals – opossum is hard!) when I was only 5 years old.  I also taught her how to sew as I learned, and she went on to work for Bernina.  My fifth-grade art teacher asked me to teach my class how to do origami after she saw me folding paper during recess.  I taught my sixth-grade class how to precision cut lacey snowflakes.  In junior high, folks who came over to my house were often subjected to braiding ribbon hair barrettes and making super useful giant tissue paper flowers. 

I frequently enlisted friends throughout my high school years to make things along with me (friendship bracelets, anyone?). 

Often when someone says, “Gosh, I wish I knew how to…” my first reaction is excitement.  “I know how—I can teach you!”  As a lifetime learner there are very few things as gratifying to me as teaching someone else how to do something I love doing and then watching them give it their own personality and expression.  We both get to grow.

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